5 Rules for Powerful Postcard Advertising

The use of promotional postcards is one of the rising trends in business today, i.e. the ones that are at the leading edge of success. You may wonder how simple postcards can spice up your business so much, and give it that edge. You may not be aware that these days postcards are among the most efficient and easy-to-use marketing tools. Besides the fact that they get attention instantly and cannot be ignored, they also save money. They cost less than many other marketing tools but can generate sales in just the same way. That is the very reason why they should not be overlooked.

Postcards are perfect for mailings of all kinds, both small-scale and huge. You can use postcards for all of your mailing list or just for a few specific products or services. Postcard printings and mailings are available in a wide range of options. With respect to printing, there are different designs and sizes available. Nowadays it is possible to personalise and customise them to allow customers to create their own design and permit them to enliven their very concepts in their choice of cards. Postcards are also usually produced in a quick and efficient way, as printing companies want to assure a quick turnaround to retain customer confidence.

Here are some tips for you on customizing postcards to really get results with your promotions :

1) Plan Well Ahead of Time

A good planning strategy is the key to any successful marketing endeavour. So prior to designing your postcard, make sure that you have conceptualised and planned everything down to the smallest detail.

2) Eye-catching, High-impact Design

The design must make an impact and catch the attention of all. A very handy software to use for this is the Publisher New Publication Wizards, for creating stunning designs, which will capture the interest.

3) Edit Them Down To The Bone

Since they have limited space, postcards can only accommodate a few words. So edit them rigorously to remove any superfluous words for easy reading and so that the words can fit in the space designated for the text. It’s also advisable to have minimal text and focus on large graphics/pictures, to capture readers’ instant attention.

4) Maintain Consistency with the Primary Goal

The colour, message, typeface and graphics should all reflect the primary goal of your business. They should all be interlinked to point to the common purpose.

5) Selectivity With Printing and Mailing Options

There are many different printing options you can use, so it is important to shop around for these. For a budget-friendly design you can use two-colour printing. For more vibrant and colourful postcards, go for full colour printing. If you want to explore more colour options, there is also six-colour printing and other options available for your printing needs. There are also flexible mailing options available these days. You can now have whatever quantity and printing technique you like delivered by mail.


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