The Recipe to Victory: The Ingredients of a Successful Team

In any business, whether small or big, success will always be measured by the perfect mix of team members’ efforts. Without a passionate team, the organizational structure can be very unstable and inconsistent. Establishing an effective and successful team is hard to achieve, so owners must invest on creating a healthy working environment for everyone. They have to genuinely do this in order to lessen the pressure of the employees working with each other. While it is true that building a strong team is not an overnight process, it’s still best to start off by focusing on constructing a culture which is motivated, consistent and fun.

A company that employees loves to work for, customers love to do business with, and one of a few which the world zealously supports and promotes is an ideal business. It may not be easy to achieve this ideal business, but it is feasible if you have a victorious team; one that is passionate and with sincere hearts. 

I will share with you the vital ingredients of an effective and successful team. I hope that you’ll learn from these, as much as I did.

1. Goals and objectives

Goals serve as the team’s treasure map while the objectives are the directions on how to get to the treasure. Knowing your own goals and the objectives of your business will definitely motivate your team members to provide immeasurable effort to the team because goals give them a sense of purpose.

Make them part of the planning and plotting of your goals and objectives. Always have an open communication with them so you are sure that you are on the same page with the rest of the group.

2. Competent leadership

You should consider this as the most vital and top of all priorities. This can make or break the members. Leaders are considered to be the fuel to a team’s fire. Through them, the drive for excellence will always be consistent and focused.

If a leader fails, the members become unstable. A leader must be a passionate teacher, zealous mentor, happy cheerleader, genuine counselor and an upright slave driver. If you are the leader of your team, always step up, most especially during hard times.

3. Commitment to excellent standards

The first part of molding a passionate team is by setting the right standards. From there, commitment comes in. Commitment is fundamental for your team’s determination. No matter how tiring a task is if you are all together and committed, nothing could go wrong.

4. Competence and morality 

Another key ingredient in teams is competence and morality. This should not be applied to the team as a whole, but to its parts which are the members. I added morality to the mix because no matter how competent you are, if you do not follow ethical standards, you are a failure. Always have a positive attitude and good relations with other people. Do not burn bridges; value relationships and establish connections the right way.

5. Communication and understanding

After establishing a connection with your peers through competence and morality, create an open communication with them and bridge gaps and strengthen bonds. An open communication means that you are willing to listen and respond to opinions and comments. As long as communication lines are consistently open, no one will be left behind.

6. Collaboration and solidarity

Collaboration and solidarity bonds the team more than anything else. As long as there is a clear division of labor, team members will function better.


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