The Right Software Solution to Calibrate Your Machines

To insure the quality performance of your machines and equipment, calibrate your machines regularly. If your company relies on precise measurements and values from your machine, calibrating your equipment is a must. Today hospitals, laboratories, car repair shops, marketplaces, and factory equipment use computers for precise measurements. Manufactures offer different software solutions for calibrating the machines used in these industries. Your machine calibration procedure depends on the type of machine you have and what type of calibration technique you need.

What to look for when buying your company’s calibration software.

When buying your calibration software find one that can handle all your jobs or has different programs to handle each of your major systems. Before buying software to optimize your machine’s performance consult your calibration technician or manufacturer first. Keeping your network calibrated means your system performs faster and error-free.

Different types of equipment that needs calibration.

  • Scanners
  • Medical printers
  • Monitors
  • Calibration of images
  • Gage management, calibration
  • Fluke calibration
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Precision drill presses
  • Car computer system analyzer
  • Network equipment
  • Production line equipment

Commercial Software Calibration Programs:

  1. Gagetrak: The software manages gauge calibration, schedules calibration, tracks your gage locations and generates your work orders.
  2. Calibration Control: Works with MS Access or SQL Server to create custom bar-code labels, email notifications, custom repairs, color coding, adjustable precision calibration, and job tracking.
  3. GAGEpack: Helps to manage maintenance and repair records with a traceable audit trail.
  4. ProCalV5: Helps to better manage your calibration schedules.
  5. Intelex: The software application tracks maintenance records, machine inspections, and calibration schedules.
  6. AssetSmart: Web-based software to calibrate your machine that includes management software for your materials and tool maintenance.
  7. Calibration Database: Creates records for machine calibration requirements, manages calibrated tools and non-calibrated tools.

If commercial software is not suitable for your company, use custom-made calibration software. Many companies develop software for your specific types of machines. The custom-made software fits your network needs. On the other hand, commercial software works the same as custom-made software packages at a fraction of the cost.


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