5 Best iOS Apps For Forex Trading

There are over one million apps in Apple’s App store for iOS devices such as the iPad and the iPhone. Among these are a significant number of paid and free apps meant for online Forex traders. In most cases, the best apps are free. Here are five top apps for iOS devices for the Forex trader.

Oanda FxTrade

Although many major Forex brokers offer their own apps, Oanda offers an exceptional one in terms of simplicity and ease of use. With an all-black, clean interface, it is easy to locate the markets as well as the charts that you require to make trades. They are all connected to your demo or live trading account with Oanda. You can set up complex trade orders including profit targets and stop losses, and also trade diverse time frames quite easily through the touch screen. 


This is an adaptation of the popular ForexYard desktop trading application. It brings into a smartphone full functionality and simplicity of use. The app contains many of the features you may find necessary while trading currencies, including chart indicators, stop loss-orders, currency overviews, and real-time quotes, offering you a powerful array of Forex trading tools on the go.

iCurrency Plus

This app is available as a free and a paid version. The app gives price updates as well as large diversity of graphs and charts for more than one hundred currencies. You are therefore able to see the currencies that are moving and the direction they are moving to in real time. Changing timeframes and currencies is very easy. You can also set up the app to provide push notifications to receive alerts on drastic currency changes.


Bloomberg is a leading financial news provider. It is usually the first place where traders from professional day traders, hedge funds, and top investment banks to part-time retail traders go to see what is happening in the markets. As expected, Bloomberg has an extremely fantastic app that is well executed offering a slick, simple to use and bug-free way to access the latest market analysis, news and views. 

Vantage FX

This app by MXT Global combines an easy to use, intuitive interface with powerful functionality. With this app, Forex traders can trade commodities, indices and Forex, 24 hours , 7 days a week, from anywhere. Vantage FX apps function on a real-time two-way connection with Vantage FX’s award-winning MT 4 and WebTrader platforms and unlike other apps, traders have total control of their trading account. Just like all good things, the app is free on the Apples’ app store. If you are a new trader, you may try the app for 30 days on a demo account for free.

Forex trading is convenient with these apps. You are able to continue trading and monitor various market dynamics at the same time wherever you are 24 hours a day. It is just amazing how much you can accomplish from your device.

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