Top 4 Android Security Tips You Definitely Need

Now that the holiday is fast approaching, I find it very relevant and important to educate people regarding securing their android gadgets; especially now that online shopping is a top choice by consumers who do not want to line up inside shopping malls.

As there are many platforms being hacked nowadays, the security of android gets vulnerable day by day as well. To a great extent, the fact lies on the users’ carelessness and not on the android operating system per se.

If you want to be secured, you have to look into these tips. The following are according to android developers, and doing these practices as general coding routine will decrease the chances of inadvertently introducing security issues that harmfully affect users.

1. Use security applications.

Indeed, we use anti-virus software for our computers, so it goes the same way with our android phones. There are anti-virus programs available for download, and utilizing them will protect you to a great extent. What it basically does is to protect your personal details, credit card information, and private passwords and account details. You can try AVG, Kaspersky security and Avast.

2. Always be careful in downloading applications.

Like a mother to her child, you have to be careful on who you trust on the internet, because your android system could be fragile if attacked by too many hackers. There are a large number of applications available in the android market, and these applications play a crucial role in getting the attention of customers to shift to android. Due to this availability, hackers get the opportunity to use the application section to get personal details of people. Make sure that you are downloading only from secure places.

3. Utilize strong passwords.

This tip is applicable in general, not just for android phones. To make your passwords strong, include both upper and lower cases and use letters and numbers. I would also like to introduce to you the two-step validation. Most of the well-known software is backed up by two-step validation, which secures your password by asking you to verify your account through your mobile phone.

4. Manage your memory wisely.

It is important to budget your memory usage in order to gauge how secure your phone is. There are two primary ways on how to save your data on your device. The most common is using internal storage. By default, the files that you create on internal storage can be accessed only through your application. Second, you must use external storage such as SD cards; which are readable and writable. Remember that when using external storage, sensitive data must not be stored because it can still be modified one way or another.

5. Be safe on browsing the internet.

Always take precaution when surfing online using your android gadget. As hackers’ essential motivation is to get something from you, do not make your personal information available to them. Do not sign up on too many websites for free things, or even fall on the pits of scams, viruses or malwares.

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