5 Free iPhone Apps You Need for Business!

One of the best smart phones, the iPhone, is a device most of us use every day for personal and business tasks ever since Apple released it.

Whether you’re working for a small or large company, employees have used the iPhone to help them with their personal and business needs. It has helped many with productivity at work and doing daily tasks.

With this in mind, you must know the applications that will help you make your work easier. Here’s a list of my top 5 free apps that could help you with your business and other work related tasks.

1. Mail Chimp - MailChimp is an app that helps you track your company's email marketing. There are somg features the MailChimp didn’t include that you may find on the website but this app is easy to use and understand. This application is an analysis tool for you to be able to check data and other figures. It displays the percentage of users who read your email to help you redefine your next email campaign. It’s a powerful email marketing tool, even though the app only has limited features, this tool is very informative and very valuable.

2. PayPal - Paypal has been around for so many years now and you must really be familiar with the company. Because of the popularity of most online marketplace like eBay, PayPal has been popular for your online payment solution needs. With the PayPal app you can access your account to check, receive and send payment on your mobile smart phone.

3. Evernote - Evernote is not just your typical note-taking app. It can also help you organize your personal tasks and your business. This free app helps you to create to-do-lists, notes that you can dictate or manually enter, take photos and many more. This app can automatically index your notes, which make it easier to search from any device so you can easily remember your next great idea wherever you’re located.

4. DropBox - Dropbox is your carry around storage space. When you use it, you can say goodbye to forgetting important files behind. It’s easy to use and install and once it’s in your device you can sync it to one account where you can access it on all your devices. You can also use it as your cloud backup, where you can recover deleted files and revert to its previous saved versions.

5. Skype - Skype has personally helped me don’t miss an online meeting. Even if I’m on the road, Skype has always been a reliable video, chat and call service. It’s also a reliable videoconferencing platform for your business. Using your front facing camera you can connect with people who has the skype installed on their device as well. You will never miss a staff meeting again with Skype.

Thank you Bwana McCall for the photo.


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