Top 5 Jobs to Prepare You For Becoming an Entrepreneur

No one can become a successful entrepreneur overnight. This is not only because managing a private business is demanding, requires startup money, or comes with a lot of risk, but also because the potential business owners often do not possess the skills and experience needed for them to thrive.

How to acquire these, I hear you ask. Well, working some traditional, fixed-schedule jobs can equip you with all the necessary knowledge, skills, and money that will come in handy when you finally become your own boss. Since not all such jobs can make you a good entrepreneur, here is a list of five of them that can.

Food Industry

If you want to learn how to deal with a day-to-day, moment-to-moment pressure at work (and this is a must for every entrepreneur), there is no better way than to get a job in food industry. By that, I do not mean that you should turn into a master chef, but working as a line or perhaps a fry cook is what you’re looking for.

This will not only teach you prepare the occasional meal but also prepare you for entrepreneurship by making you work in a stressful environment. In such an environment, the speed with which the job is done is just as important as the quality of it. 

Working in Management

Being a manager has many similarities with being an entrepreneur, which makes it all the more useful to try work as one. You don’t have to go for a high-profile managerial job, but settle yourself as a manager of a department store or, to link to a previous job advice, as a restaurant manager. 

In many aspects, you’ll learn more by working as a manager than, say, reading the textbooks on entrepreneurship. You will, among other things, teach yourself the necessary organizational skills.

Sales Industry

This is an obvious one. Working as a salesman, you will be able to master the communication skills, including persuasion, by interacting with people from all branches of life. After a salesman’s job, bargaining a good deal with a customer should not be a problem when you become an entrepreneur.

Being a salesman has another perk that will be beneficial to you - the commission pay. Getting used to, at least partially, be paid on commission increases your chances of becoming a successful business owner since that is exactly how payment is achieved there.

Customer Service

In business, dealing with people can be a tough ride. But dealing with angry people is beyond that. That’s why you might find it useful to work in Customer service prior to starting a business of your own.

What you’ll encounter there? Not much pleasantry, I’m afraid; it mostly ranges from unhappy customers to some very angry ones. But if you want to learn how to keep your cool even if things get heated, working in Customer service is a way to go.

Retail Business

Yet another line of work that will teach you to deal with customers is retail. Besides the unavoidable dissatisfied ones, there you’ll meet the customers who are often ignorant of their needs. Through a conversation with them, you’ll have to assess what it is that they want, and then offer them a suitable product.

As you gain experience by working retail, you’ll eventually learn to profile your customers and thus more easily deal with them.

In the end, I’d like to stress that none of these jobs will explicitly teach you the goodies you need in entrepreneurship; you’ll have to look for them for yourself. Try hard though, since the experience gained from working these jobs will definitely lead you towards a more successful business run.


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