Top 5 Mobile Apps for Health

Health is wealth and with the current technological age it’s easier for most people to keep themselves healthy. A lot of apps are out there for that sole purpose but maybe you are not aware of. From calorie counting apps, to exercise and health monitors. Here is a list of apps that could help you stay healthy.

1. MyFitnessPal – It’s the calorie counter app that has a database of over 3,000,000 foods including fast food and home cooked meals. It also has a list of exercises as well that counts how many calories you’ve lost after doing the exercise. You can also monitor and share your progress with friends online.

2. Nike Training Club - You can choose from getting lean, getting toned and getting strong. This app will customize your training workouts and give you an average calories burned. It has 100-full body, 15 to 45 minutes workout with step-by-step audio and video demos.

3. Argus – This app monitors everything from the number of steps you took to the map of your runs. It also tracks your sleep and your eating habits. It has a feature that charts your weight over time and how much water you consume. You can also connect it to third-party fitness gadgets.

4. The Walk – If you want your walks to be less boring then download this app. You’re routine stroll around the streets will become an awesome adventure. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a fitness app, it’s just more fun. It tracks minutes and the steps you’ve taken. Before starting you can choose an episode and follow the storyline.

5. Shopwell – this app can help you create your grocery-shopping list. It scans the barcode and it will determine if it suits your dietary needs. It shows the nutrition facts and ingredients so that you can make sure what you’re eating are healthy.

Thank you Jason Howie for the photo.


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