Top Benefits of Cloud-Based Networking

The speed and unpredictability of today's business cycles have pushed the limits of IT infrastructures at many companies. These companies need to become more adaptable and flexible, but often their response are too slow or insubstantial. They need a new tool- one that could lower the cost of computing and enhance their business outcomes.

Enter Cloud-based networking, a new wave of cloud computing services for building and managing private networks, it represents a fundamental shift in how IT services are provided to businesses. Unlike traditional hardware-based networking solutions, cloud-based networking is simple, flexible and extremely fast. The system only requires an internet connection and work on any physical networking infrastructure- wired or wireless, enabling businesses and organizations to deploy and operate their networks in minutes. 

Top Benefits of Cloud-based Networking

1. Business continuity

The cloud networking could be the most cost-efficient way of backing up networking data, there's no need for additional huge expensive networking equipment for backing up and storing networking data, cloud provider provides everything your company needs.

2. Lower IT operational costs

Cloud networking provides compelling cost and strategic benefits because it requires little or no capital investment in networking equipment. It utilizes a per user or device subscription pricing, which makes it a very reasonable option for most companies. There's no worry about hardware and software upgrades, cloud networking providers take care of this entire burden.

3. Fast deployment

Cloud networking enables IT users to quickly utilize IT resources without spending time installing and configuring networking equipment, in addition, cloud applications such as cloud management can also be turned on within a few hours or days.

4. Increase productivity

IT staff doesn't have to worry about configuring or maintaining updates. IT users can now offload to focus on other productivity tasks.

5. Mobility

Organizations can now access their networking data at anytime from anywhere using any internet-capable mobile devices.

6. Scalability

The ability to quickly add capacity to meet increasing demand is another big benefit of cloud networking. There's no need for additional hardware and IT procurement, cloud service providers can quickly enable their customers to add users instantly.

7. Top notch security

Security is one big advantage offered by cloud networking providers. Some of the few of the security features commonly provided by cloud service providers are encryption and authentication, data loss prevention, physical security of data centers, firewall implementation, and malware protection.


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