Towards Success and a Strong Team: Motivating your Sales Representatives

Do you have an unmotivated and unenthusiastic sales team? Do you see them always running around but not happy with what they’re doing? Are they frustrated with the number of their sales?

For so many years, I have already acquired an understanding on how to deal with different sales teams. I have handled a couple of teams with diverse characters, and I strongly believe that their motivation is crucial for the business growth. It’s definitely challenging to keep up with diverse people, but if you create an environment conducive for learning and enjoying, the workflow will have progress.

Here are a few ways to successfully motivate your sales team.

1. Start a goal-oriented culture.

This is the first step towards a victorious team. I learned this the hard way, but when I did, everything was a breeze. I was even astounded by the fact that I became motivated myself. To successfully motivate your sales team, you have to create a goal-oriented culture which recognizes the effort of sales representatives. All at the same time, do not forget to encourage fun in your place. A few years back, I tried running a sales contest, like meeting quotas and getting prizes afterwards. It was a month-long contest, and the competition was definitely healthy be everyone was stimulated and driven to push each other to their limits.

2. Encourage your team despite failures. 

One of the best things I learned when motivating my sales team was rewarding them for the failures. After every rejection, I huddle them up and discuss with them what went wrong along the way. Afterwards, I encourage them to be better. I make sure that they learn from every experience.

3. Inspire your team members to share success stories.

Once a month, gather your team and motivate them to share stories about how they overpowered their obstacles. By listening to how other team members succeeded after an initial hardship, everyone will acquire an optimistic state of mind. Shares stories empower people and let them know that they are not alone with their journey. You can also look into one of the most inspiring successes your team had for the quarter and outline what enabled that sales representative to win the deal. This is a great way to build confidence in the company's product and service, and do some team building at the same time.

4. Create and build a fun environment for your team.

Always think outside the box. Create a fun environment inside your department to make everyone eager to come into work every day. Make it as appealing as possible. For example have a dance and music studio, where everyone can find focus whenever they have a hard project. 

5. Plan a public recognition for your team.

When my sales representatives have an outstanding week, I commend their accomplishments publicly through a ceremony to give everyone a morale boost. The highest achiever receives a crown and scepter with his or her name on it. I've found out that this royalty incentive, coupled with bonuses for targets reached, inspires the active and friendly competition between sales representatives. It keeps their motivation high and keeps them hungry to be the next royalty.

6. Don’t forget to celebrate the good times!

When the wins come, we definitely celebrate them. It can be as simple as an email blast to the whole company to recognize the efforts, or a broadcast on the sales floor.

Motivation is absolutely a large part of sales performance. In order to motivate your team, know more about their fears, doubts and weaknesses and turn them into something positive.


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