Understanding the Legal Ins & Outs of Marketing Your Medical Practice

Marketing a medical practice is highly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This alone makes it difficult to advertise a medical practice because of the strict controls and regulations. Furthermore, the FDA has a special division called the Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising, and Communications (DDMAC) that monitors all advertising done by medical companies.

Since 2007, the DDMAC monitors all pharmaceutical and healthcare companies’ promotional and advertising material. This includes advertising on social media. Currently, many medical practices are trying to figure out how they can use social media to advertise their practice. Unfortunately, the free-flowing conversation on social media makes it difficult to legally advertise their practice. The FDA currently monitors all conversation on social media account.

Therefore, some good old fashion ways to advertise your medical practice have proven, cost-effective for many practices. These different marketing strategies don’t have to cost your practice a fortune or take up too much of your staffs’ time. Here are a few ways you can advertise your medical practice without violating FDA regulations. 

  1. Hold an open house at your medical practice. Offer a free blood pressure screening and a chance to sit down and talk with you.
  2. Offer your services at a local nursing home or rehabilitation center in your area.
  3. Inquire about being added to the list of surgeons at the police department or prison in your area. You’ll be on the roster in case a police officer is injured on duty or a prisoner needs medical care.
  4. Add a new plaque to your waiting room that invites your current patients to refer your practice to their family or friends.
  5. Offer your patients a token of your appreciation that is appropriate for your practice. A nice decorative magnet, a pen and pencil set, or even a silicone wristband that promotes medical awareness is appropriate.
  6. Volunteer to speak at a public event in your area. Talk to your community about health care and share your knowledge for free.
  7. Have your staff, send out postcards, emails, or make phone calls to tell your patients how much you miss them.
  8. Offer your patients a free diabetic screening.
  9. Send an email to your patients that give them some important information. You can tell your patients about the 10 warning signs of diabetes or about losing weight.
  10. Today a professional looking website is important for all medical practices.
  11. Offer your patients a referral bonus. For each new referral, offer your patients a redeemable coupon for their next visit.

When advertising your medical practice make sure your efforts are suitable for your practice. When deciding on your advertising methods make sure they include virtual and real-world strategies.

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