3 Useful Tips to Increase Sales

Retail sales are a tough environment in which to do business.  Only a finite number of people walk through the door to your store every day so it’s vital to your bottom line that your salespeople convert those visitors.

Here are three tips to help your sales team focus on increasing your retail sales.

1. Rapport building

Your sales staff must be confident and well-versed in engaging with people from many different walks of life.  They must understand why the customer came into your shop, identify their purchase motivators and link your products in such a way that the customer is encouraged to make a purchase.

Encourage your sales staff to come out from behind the counter and chat knowledgeably to customers.  That’s a great way of building a reputation for expertise, and visitors will be more likely to return in the future if they see you as a company they can trust to help them.

2. Value selling

Value selling is the foundation of boosting retail sales.  Rather than marking down items to try to sell more, focus on steering customers towards the best quality premium products you offer.  Make sure that your sales staff understand what they’re selling so that they can keep the conversation on why these products are the best value in the long run.

A useful tip is to teach your staff how to use the Feel, Felt, and Found method. 

This works by explaining to the customer that you used to feel that the price of a particular item was too high.  You really felt it was too expensive.  That was until you found out just how much higher quality and better-made the item is than other similar, cheaper products.  This establishes the value of the product in a customer’s mind and makes it much easier for the salesperson to make a sale and move the conversation towards add-ons.

3. Add-ons

In addition to an in-depth knowledge of the products stocked in your store salespeople should also be able to discuss complementary items.  The idea is to sell add-ons to a customer as well as the main product.  Add-ons are items that enable other products to exceed customers’ expectations, leaving them feeling satisfied that your store has helped them to make the most of their main purchase.  A classic example of this is shoes.  In addition to the pair of leather fashion boots they wanted, you sell the customer a cleaning and scuff protection kit to keep their purchase looking great for longer, together with a pair of boot-shapers to prevent the leather from creasing when the boots are stored in the customer’s closet.

In conclusion

Increasing retail sales begins with a good training program.  Teach your salespeople the techniques outlined above and watch your ticket sales rise.


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