Video Surveillance Turns to SaaS

A few years ago, video security surveillance recorded footage was stored on video cassettes in an analog format. However, analog format was replaced by digital formation solutions that stored the surveillance footage on CD-ROMs or hard drives. Today, the on-site digital media is quickly being replaced by cloud off-site solutions. Therefore, cloud based service are not just for storage but can also be used to connect to virtual machines that can process and store data. 

Today, many organizations and security firms have turned to the cloud-based security system model for their on-site security surveillance. Companies now use SaaS services to send their on premise video camera footage to the cloud instead of storing the footage on a local server. This gives security personnel the flexibility to down stream live surveillance footage to any mobile device. Therefore, with the new alternative to down streaming live footage your security team no longer has to sit in front of a monitor. 

SaaS security surveillance allows your security guards the freedom to patrol your premises and maintain communication with your security cameras through their mobile device. SaaS security monitors your premises and notifies your security team of suspicious moment around your building. Your security team has live footage of the area and can deploy to a problem area quickly.

Using SaaS security surveillance your company doesn’t need to install individual devices or purchase expensive software licenses. The video footage is stored in the cloud which frees up your servers to do other work. Plus your security guards are in constant communication with your surveillance system when they log on to the website. Furthermore, the video footage is processed on a virtual machine and gives your company high-performance software solutions for your security needs.

When a company deploys their security camera surveillance footage to the cloud they save on system bandwidth, work station purchases, software installation and licenses. The SaaS provider maintains the virtual machines, upgrades software, down streams videos to mobile devices and the service can be scalable for your business.

Today, the telecom industry looks for ways to advance their technology with their cloud service offerings. The new security surveillance trends will deploy new over the top players that provide a new service that can help businesses leverage their networks and stay independent of the Network Provider. Furthermore, Telecom Providers now offer value added services that combine video surveillance bundled with your telecommunication and other services. The video surveillance future will see Telecom Providers offering mainstream SaaS solutions bundled with your traditional telecom offerings. The future of security and on-site security solutions is moving toward SaaS providers and virtual machines. 


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