Voice Recognition Arrives in Bank's Call Center

In what could turn out to be a monumental move from America’s largest and oldest mutual bank, Eastern Bank has decided to make use of brand new technologies in an incredible way, by installing voice recognition software into their call center systems. This allows the bank to actually certify the identity of a user simply by hearing their voice, and it could pave the way for countless other companies and banks to make use of similar systems. Recent advancements in technology are allowing security systems to become more accurate and reliable than ever, and this real-world example proves the importance of technology in every aspect of modern life.

The voice recognition system being put into place at Eastern Bank call centers is being provided by Nuance Communications, a multinational technology giant which is also responsible for providing speech recognition programs to various other agencies and organizations. Other banks around the world have also installed systems like this in recent times, but as America’s largest bank, Eastern is truly setting down a marker for others to follow with this decision, and it could shape the way in which users’ identities are authenticated in the future.

The decision to adopt voice recognition software was made in the wake of difficulties with the bank’s previous security system. The old system involved customers having security questions that had to be asked whenever they called the bank. Eastern ran some customer surveys to get feedback on this system and the response was quite negative. In a world where actions are becoming easier and easier to do, customers were frustrated with the idea of wasting time by repeatedly answering the same questions and being forced to remember their specific answers.

In response to these customer complaints, Eastern made the decision to switch to voice recognition and is proud of this accomplishment. The President and COO of Eastern Bank, Bob Rivers, released a statement discussing the ways in which the new service was better for customers since it allows them to access their services in a more “natural” way. Obviously, the bank is also proud of the additional levels of security offered by such a system. The security question system can easily be manipulated if the answers to certain questions aren’t kept secret. However, a person’s voice is their own and cannot be taken, making the new system much safer for the average user.

By adopting new technologies, Eastern Bank is showing that it will not be left behind in modern times. This decision reinforces the bank’s status as a reliable and customer-focused provider, and it could even attract additional clients as people become more and more concerned with the security of their details and personal information. As the first US-based bank to implement a system like this in its call center, Eastern is proving itself to be a technological pioneer, which will surely entice new customers and cement the bank’s status as a global leader.

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