Web Design 101: How to Improve Your Website Content

Statistics shows that an average website visitor will only spend ten to twenty seconds on each site before leaving. Due to the increasing number of websites available today, people have become accustomed to quickly scanning websites. Unfortunately, if they don’t find the information they need at a glance, they’ll leave the site and not waste their time searching for what they want. 

Therefore, if you want to grab your visitors’ attention it’s mandatory to improve your website content. Website contact is the most important element on your website. The content captures your visitors and entices them to search your website. To improve your website content so it’s effective and compelling follow these 7 steps.

  1. Relevant – Make your website content relevant to attract your targeted audience. A visitor to your site should find what they need quickly. Otherwise, they’ll leave your site and move on. Therefore, when you add content to your website keep your targeted audience in mind.
  2. Precise – Website visitors skim your content. Therefore, it’s necessary to write content that’s short and precise. Supply your visitors with crisp, short content that is easy to scan. Furthermore, avoid unnecessary information that doesn’t relate to your website theme and targeted audience.
  3. Paragraphs – Divide your website content into small paragraphs. Stay away from long paragraphs that never end. Furthermore, if your site addresses several subjects or topics, create separate pages for each topic. This adds to the user experience on your site.
  4. Heading and Subheading – Break up your pages with heading and subheading. This makes your pages easier to scan and helps the reader find what they’re looking for.
  5. Research – It’s important to research all subject matter for your website. Make sure you can back up your content with references. Visitors demand the facts and reliable information. This wins over your visitors and ensures they’ll visit your site again.
  6. Knowledge – When writing your content, it’s important you’re assertive. People need to know you’re knowledgeable about your products and services. Furthermore, show people that you’re an expert in your industry.
  7. Image – Select your images carefully. The images on your site must convey what you’re saying and complement your content and message. Furthermore, don’t fill your web pages with images. A few images strategically placed can help enhance your content.
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