What Attracts People to VOIP Services?

In the past years VOIP technology has surpassed telephone and mobile companies for communication. The increased popularity of VOIP has brought about many changes in the way we communicate today. This astonishing invention has created a new mode of telecommunication through the Internet.

Why people have turned to VOIP for communication.

1. Using VOIP saves money on communication.

With VOIP services the cost of making calls is economical and cost efficient. The new technology allows you to make international, long distance, and local calls with your high-speed Internet connections.

2. Can easily direct incoming calls to the VOIP service.

All incoming calls easily directed to your VOIP service provider and the service provider displays the incoming caller’s details.

3. The VOIP service is portable. 

With Wi-Fi hot spots around the world you receive calls through your VOIP service. With VOIP mobile apps for your Smartphone your important calls will never be missed.

4. Cost reduction in your monthly telephone bills.

The VOIP service providers offer cheap calling rates around the world. Therefore, using a VOIP service for all your international and long distance calls lowers your monthly telephone bills.

5. VOIP service providers offer added services for little to no cost. 

VOIP service providers offer voice mail, call forwarding, call waiting and caller ID. Other benefits of your calling plan include 3-way conference calling, speed dialing, call waiting and call return. Also take advantage of caller ID block, simultaneous ringing, do not disturb, anonymous call rejection, and last number dialed. Most VOIP service providers offer these features free in their basic service plans.

6. Manage your VOIP account anywhere in the world.

As long as you have an Internet connect, you can connect to your VOIP service provider and manage your account.

What are the security risks of using a VOIP service provider?

1. Service and Identity theft through phreaking, hacking.

Phreaking hacking steals communication services from the service provider. The hacker uses the services and passes on the charges to another person. With VOIP service, encryption is not common in SIP which authenticates the VOIP caller ID. This leaves the service open for credential theft.

2. Eavesdropping is a major problem for VOIP service providers.

The hacker uses eavesdropping to gain access to your credentials, passwords, and phone numbers. Afterwards, he gains control of your voicemail, billing information, call forwarding, and your calling plan. Therefore, stealing your credentials gives the hacker free-calling and access to your business information. Most hackers change your calling plan, add credit, change your call forwarding number, and use your account for making calls. 

3. Viruses and malware attack VOIP services.

Your computer is vulnerable to worms, viruses, and malware through the soft-phone application installed on your computer and Smartphone.

4. Clients receive spam messages in their voicemail boxes.

Your VOIP phone number associated with an IP address that makes it easy for spammers to send you voicemail messages. The voicemail received masquerades the information posing as a bank or online paying service. The voicemail request confidential information about to your credit card numbers, passwords, or bank account. Thus allowing the hacker to gain access to your accounts and transfer funds to their accounts.

5. Hackers tamper with your call.

When using your VOIP service the hacker tampers with your call in progress by injecting noise packet into your call conversation. Also, the hacker can withhold the delivery of your communication packets, where you experience long periods of silence and spotty communication.

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