How Will eCommerce Change in the Near Future?

7 Near Future eCommerce Trends

The number of eCommerce websites is rapidly increasing and with the current level of competition you must be wondering, how do they all survive? Could it be through sales and coupons or is it just a variation in their products? Although all marketing trends are a crucial part of the entire business, creative marketing is a key shift in eCommerce.

eCommerce and the masses

In addition to being aware of places where they can find an audience, businesses know how to reach out to them and convert them into loyal customers. If you have seen the kind of ads that some of the most popular websites are using as of late, then you will also agree that purchasing jewelry does not need any occasion or festival, while the concept of representing children acting like adults to have an emotional connection with customers is something that, in addition to being crisp and creative, is also very engaging. The ATL (above the line) ads are creating a strong recall value, connecting with the masses in real time.

Impossible becomes possible

A time is coming when touching and feeling will be part of seeing that we have with online products today. Can you imagine a virtual clothing fitting room where you can try on a brand of your choice and see whether it fits you well or not before ordering online? Today, some retailers are also investing a lot of money in developing a 3D shopping experience that will be just like offline shopping, i.e. walk through a passageway, choose your product as you talk to an assistant, then make payments at the virtual cash desk. There is also a plan to tremendously reduce delivery time by making use of the GPS location of customers. Sounds unbelievable? Welcome to life-like shopping experience, online!

Different types of content

In the coming days, content will still be the major factor. Content marketing is expected to be found everywhere, from magazines, books, blogs and social media to other places beyond what we can imagine now. Rather than just text, the content will also be based on other rich media forms such as audio clips, infographics, interactive images and how-to-videos. In addition, the majority of eCommerce websites will also be heavily investing in those content writers that can weave the kind of stories that can attract customers towards their product brand.

Another effective communication tool that is expected to be essential to how an audience engages with and gives feedback about the product brands is “questions and answers via content”. Customers are going to be asking more real questions, issues that would be answered using how-to videos.

More apps to follow shopping on the Internet

QR codes are slowly establishing a foothold on the market. Quick Response is a machine-readable code that typically stores URLs or other information that can be read using a camera on a smartphone.

Internet retailers can incorporate QR codes in their ads to take advantage of human traffic in some of the most crowded places, for instance bus stops, metro stations or trade centers. These QR codes can then be converted into actual shop windows revealing paper copies of real store product lines to invoke purchasing decisions from people.

Potential buyers can then scan these codes which can take them to relevant landing webpages where they can place purchase orders. And with the innovative Google Glass, as well as other wearable technologies that are continuing to take over the mass market, they are expected to be used more intensively for QR online shopping.

With modern technology, people can also have hassle-free payment options, for example they can pay for transactions without contact. Biometric fingerprint IDs and sensors allow for quick, real-time payments in quick, secure and password-free purchases. It is a method of payment that promises to transform how we view, think about and manage purchase transactions.

Some smartphone apps also enable the use of digital coupons, eliminating a need to have to carry paper slips. When these visually-appealing coupons are integrated with emailing, merchants are able to regularly update their marketing audience with special offers or discounts. With eCoupons, sellers will be able to target prospective customers in a better way by making the most of them.

Affiliate marketing

Although currently not yet a fully-explored field, this performance-based advertising program promises to be a great way of attracting customers to a website while only paying for the outcome. Affiliates are best placed to know the kind of networks that are best for your goals since they advertise your products on sites that visitors would be most interested in. A type of pay-per-click ads program that affiliate managers apply makes sure that prospective customers are directed to your site. Finally, affiliates will take advantage of shopping directories to reach your customers with your products.

An individualized shopping experience

Survival and thriving in the retail market of the near future will require the merchants and sellers to go beyond just adopting a selling strategy. As a retailer, genuinely telling your story in order to build your brand identity and establish a relationship with your customers will put you ahead of your competition. Rather than risk losing a good marketing opportunity, retailers will be providing their customers with a more custom-tailored, personalized shopping experience, a kind of experience that can gauge their level of interest and their preferences to accordingly adjust prices or other purchase options that can enable them to seal the purchase deal.

The kind of eCommerce that we are going to be seeing in the near future is going to be less like a catalog and more like an in-store shopping experience. With the emerging modern technologies promising to enable both retailers and online sites to know in advance what customers want before they start browsing, online shoppers will be feeling like eCommerce sites are designed just for them.

The near-future scenario

Will it be a shock to find different types of pickles being sold over the Internet? It should not. The increase in mobile shopping is enormous. The retail landscape is larger and more competitive than ever before. With the overall cost of building eCommerce portals expected to reduce drastically, more eMarketplaces will be established, although the cost of branding and marketing all these portals will rise tremendously due to the oversized competition.

When everything is said and done, stakeholders in the sector will have to be keener on the proper management of this competition. The right competitive intelligence tools and customer life-time marketing strategies will have to be adopted to make the process a success.

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