Why Choose SaaS For Your Small Business?

SaaS offers many benefits for small businesses as far as access to software applications is concerned and has plenty of advantages over traditional licenced software.

Easy to change vendors

A major issue when purchasing new software is that it very quickly becomes out-dated, leaving users stuck with an old version that lacks the bells and whistles of the most recent release. In some cases, the application doesn’t even provide the capability that the purchaser hoped it would do and all too late they realise that their money has been wasted.

SaaS removes any such problems and gives the business user much greater control over their software purchases. Applications are sold via monthly subscription, rather than outright purchase. If the user is not satisfied with their choice, they just cancel their subscription and move to an alternative vendor; and there are no licencing costs involved either.

Pay only for what you use

Large organisations frequently over-estimate the end-user numbers for a particular application and consequently end up with fewer active users than they originally thought. In such circumstances, the corporate buyer has overspent on licences that are not needed after all. SaaS removes any such concerns as users pay only for the active users of the system.

Lower ownership fees

SaaS offers fixed application operation and deployment costs bundled together with all other user requirements into one single package which includes all hardware, software, support services, upgrades, training, security, troubleshooting and business continuity functionality. This ensures that there are no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises in store for the corporate buyer halfway through the process.

Time to market

SaaS providers take responsibility for the provision of the total software package and network infrastructure at their data centre. Frustrating delays traditionally associated with development work, enhancement and deployment of the application are therefore avoided and the user receives their fully functional software in a timely manner.

Easy upgrades

Whilst regular software upgrades are undoubtedly necessary and the improved and enhanced features they provide are beneficial, they can mean a real headache and additional expense for corporate clients with multiple users.

Using SaaS takes away this problem as the providers manage the upgrade process themselves; new releases, fault fixes etc are all deployed centrally to the hosted applications. This can amount to between two and four major upgrades every year along with a few minor ones, and the user will automatically receive these at no extra cost. There is no danger of their applications becoming out of date as they will have the latest version of every software application they are using, provided they obtain them through SaaS.

Understandably there are concerns among the business community around the security implications of using SaaS, but the advantages in both convenience and cost are so great that SaaS is surely the best way forward.

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