Why Your Sales and Customer Service Departments Need to Work Closely Together

If a company engages with their customers and provides excellent customer service they will gain many loyal customers. However, this isn’t always true in businesses. Most companies seem to have a problem with their sales department and customer service department working closely together. 

Unfortunately, many companies lose billions of dollars each year because they don’t offer an excellent customer service experience. One of the major problems in companies is that their customer service department doesn’t support their sales department. Fortunately, this can be resolved by changing the way your sales and customer service department handles your customers. 

Customer Satisfaction

As a business owner you know that a happy, satisfied customer will become a customer for life. They will tell their friends and family about your company and suggest they buy from your store. On the other hand, when a customer is dissatisfied they can harm your business. Some customers will even go out of their way to harm your brand name and tell everyone what bad service your company offers. Therefore, it is in your best interest that your customer service reps go out of their way to satisfy your customers. 

Sales Representatives 

A good sales rep can help their customers resolve all their problems. Therefore, it is important that your sales reps work closely with your customer service reps to resolve their customers' problems as quickly as possible. The customer service rep needs to keep the sales rep informed about how the problem was handled. Afterwards, the sales rep can contact their customers to make sure the problem was resolved. Working hand in hand, sales reps and customer service can make all the difference.


Any customer that feels like a company is going the extra mile, providing a personal touch, and helping them with their problems after a sale will be a customer for life. People need to feel like a company cares about them and not just their money. Good personal service goes a long way in building your business.

Social Media 

Many prospective customers will follow a company on their social media accounts. They like to see how the company actively engages with their customers and how they help their customers with a problem. Therefore, it is important for your business that your customer service reps actively monitor and engage your customers through social media. Furthermore, if a customer has contacted your company through your social media account it is important that your customer service reps handle the problem as quickly as possible. Quick and personal service is a great incentive to keep coming back.

These are only a few ways that your customer service department can support your sales department. Your company has to follow through with your customers' suggestions regarding your products or service. It is important that you answer each person back that has taken the time to add a comment or suggestion to your blog or social media account. Customers need to know their ideas count and you have read their comments. They need to know that they are important.

Furthermore, you can increase your customer service and sales using live chat. Today, people are busy and have no time to sit on hold. Live chat is one way to interact with your customer. Many new sales and problems have been resolved through the use of live chat. It is a great addition to your customer service.

In Conclusion

It is important that your sales department and customer service department work closely together. A good working relationship between both your sales department and your customer service department will go a long way in bringing in and keeping business. Your salespeople need to know that your customer service people will be there for them. Combining sales and service will strengthen your brand and add value to your company.

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